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Day Care

Day Care | Montessori Learning Center - El Paso, TX

In addition to our Montessori educational programs, we offer child day care services as well. The Montessori Learning Center is more than just an...

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Learning Center

Learning Center | Montessori Learning Center - El Paso, TX

The Montessori Learning Center is a place for children to experience, engage, and grow. Montessori education is based on a hands-on method of tactile...

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Montessori School

Montessori School | Montessori Learning Center - El Paso, TX,TX

The Montessori Learning Center of El Paso, Texas upholds traditions laid down by the Montessori school tradition for over 100 years. This tried and true...

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Welcome To Montessori Learning Center

The Montessori Learning Center has been giving the children of El Paso the opportunity to learn and grow in a fun and caring environment for over 15 years! Our dedication to education has earned us support within the community as we develop programs designed to stimulate a child’s mind. As an alternative education system, Montessori Learning Center is capable of providing a solid academic framework without limiting a child’s natural curiosity to explore.

We strive to give every child a chance to express themselves through their daily activities. Our goals reach beyond education into the development of self-esteem, positive behaviors, and independent work habits. Many mistake the freely flowing program for lacking structure. However, we do provide a rigid academic system that allows for personal creativity. We understand your child must learn mathematics, language, social science, and physical science. We hope they will learn to enjoy learning as well.

Education changes with the times. We strive to constantly update our methods based on the litany of research being done on a daily basis. Our staff includes career educators who are willing to adapt, but possess the wisdom to do so carefully. Introducing new ideas and methods into our program has kept our passion for teaching fresh and exciting. The children benefit from being exposed to new forms of learning, all the while feeling like it’s just another new game to play.

Enrollment is limited so please contact us about our admission process immediately. We would love to become a part of your family. Building a trusting relationship between teacher, parent, and child is a vital part of education. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a child smile after mastering a new set of academic skills. We also encourage plenty of playtime, physical activities like swimming, and dual language programs. Let’s get your child learning today!

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